Safety Measures for Eating Nigiri

Whether you’re going to eat at home or at a restaurant it’s good to make sure that the nigiri sushi is first safe to eat. The food in the United States can be quite safe with the numerous health measures to prevent issues from coming up.

But as for when…

What do you think is the price of the most expensive bluefin tuna ever sold? Hint: It is somewhere ranging from $1–3 million dollars.

The answer is that the most expensive bluefin tuna was auctioned to the “King of Tuna” Kiyoshi Kimura for $3.1 million dollars. …

Have you ever thought about this: When you’re at your last moments what are your regrets?

There’s only a finite amount of time for each of us here in this world. During this stay we will get to make choices that dictate our life.

It is that choice to live…

Tony Chen

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