Depression Can Be Terrifying

4 min readJul 16, 2022

Depression creates emotions of profound sadness that leave you hopeless inside. You don’t have the energy to do anything anymore. And the last thing you want is to get up to work or socialize with friends.

That can’t be entirely your fault you no longer enjoy the sunshine or hobbies. Yet, despite all the losses you endure and the pain striking you there, there is hope. Until the last breath we breathe, we don’t stop fighting in the struggles.

Lasting Hope

Human life, desperately clinging to hope, never giving up on what we fight to believe. I believe hope hedges on ourselves. It is about sailing in the direction towards our destined star.

Through the fog and darkness, the sailor is ourselves. It is up to us if we continue our journey or turn back. Life is about that hope. It keeps twinkling in the sky, and it is what we believe is our destination.

Death teaches us that life isn’t forever. But it also shows us that through tragedies, even pain will subside. Nothing is forever, and not even the pain can endure past its time.

If we look at the stars, it will lighten us the wisdom that we are small, dimly small dots in the sea of the vast universe. What worries we may have is insignificant as sand in the Sahara. The long pains endured is a speck of many in life’s road.

One day, we will look back and see that what we lost we can find again. Happiness and sadness intertwine like the force of the ocean’s water. So happiness isn’t constant, nor is sadness forever. That is life.

Dealing with Lost

In engaging with life, there’ll be upsets as the people depart from us. Sadness replaced happiness when they were still here by our side. And their presence and smiles hover in the old photographs we have of them. It seems nothing can replace that empty spot.

You vividly remember the times you smiled at their laughter or held their hand. But now it’s gone. All gone. Now even the tears will dry up and move as particles into the air.

It’s neither forever nor lasting because mourning will need to stop. But, every loss is a lesson we’ll keep with us, and it’ll never depart. That’s for sure. We’ll need to accept and wake from the nightmare of life without them.

We can believe that tomorrow will shine bright if we try. We can accept fate leading the way if we surrender our might. It allows us to know that night is not darkness. We can look to see the stars and the moon too above us.

It’ll never leave us. Memories of them will fade, but the light shade of their shadows will continue to inspire us in every way. Shadow of them will stay permanently transfixed in our lives. It’ll stay as an inspiration to protect us.

Finding Love Again

Children seem so forgotten in their fantasy worlds, hopeful in their dreams. Adults smile, seeing them cheerful and playful in the land of hope. With no worries, imagine how beautiful it would be.

We’ll never return to these moments again and can only look for them amongst dreams. I wish we could be there. But what belongs as dreams stay as dreams. We’ll be stronger when we move our eyes to the future.

It’ll stay as dreams within and forgotten only unto death. Dreams become our search as adults. Loss is the same, and we can learn to be different this time. And it would not be the same as we carry our lessons to each new relationship.

No pain endures the weather of time awaiting them. No scars are too deep that they wouldn’t heal. It wouldn’t be the same without our love, but tragedies do happen, it awaits us on the long path. It is about what we do when it happens.

It awaits us because they are lessons meant for us to learn as part of life. Tomorrow is better. Sleep awash our struggles and renew our spirit with vigor. We wait in our struggles and accept them in gratitude as they arrive. Step by step as tomorrow awaits us.

Please have faith that love is not gone. It merely arrived at a destination to go separate ways. Have the heart to believe you can find it again. It is not lost at all.

We are Together

Together on the road, paths will intertwine. And smiles across faces taking in a new breathtaking tomorrow. It is our lasting hope. A new venture awaits us, and it is early to give up yet.

It is too late to regret what happened, nor would it be back. Yet, mistakes happen, and we can regret them or move onward to set a brighter future for ourselves. It could happen again, but don’t let anything stop you.

No future sets in stone, but the past is already determined. So mourn not for what happened nor contemplate on what could’ve happened. It is entirely useless.

We are together, and you don’t walk paths in isolation. We are together like clouds departing together in the sky. Nobody walks his path alone since we smile and laugh together. It doesn’t matter if we are all in pain if it is together. The pain will subside.