Taking the Stigma Out of Borderline Personality Disorder

Why Remove the Labels?

Labels can bind and control the future of who you are.

Myth #1: Borderline Personality Disorder is a Choice

“I could never understand why I hurt those who love me. I can’t stop pulling apart when I’m so scared I’ll lose them.”

Myth #2: People with BPD are Manipulative and Insensitive

“I’m just trying to find my angel…someone who can care, understand, and give me the comfort I will never have.”

Myth #3: They Only Look for Attention

Sometimes, people might not understand people with BPD who overshare victim stories. They would place themselves in the role of being the victim in these stories they share with you. You feel frustrated because there’s so much drama around them.

I Don’t Understand Myself

People say that the most misunderstood individual is the reflection in the mirror. And you can start to see why people with BPD feel disconnected from themselves. In a sense, there is almost a disconnection between feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Handling Tough Emotions



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