The Voices in My Head

3 min readJul 16, 2022


You may be faltering in your path, desperate to find a glimpse of hope for a goal. But I promise you’re never too far from finding it. What you’re looking for has never departed far from your side.

Isn’t life difficult all around? You see people around you struggling to find a glimpse of freedom. There are fears you keep inside your heart. But people will find their way out. It’s a struggle that has an end to itself.

Struggles And End

Worries find you and cling to you. And it never ends. You don’t feel like you’re any closer to a deeper understanding of yourself. So like how you feel confused about life’s overwhelming pace. You’re not getting any closer, it seems.

Peace and happiness, where is it? Perpetually, you can never see an end to your struggles. Where is the end, you come to ask yourself.

You can never be closer to peace, searching for what doesn’t exist. You can only let go of the notion of a final destination or goal. That’ll never go away until you choose to accept life is ongoing.

You’re never certain at any spot anytime in life. Life is like that. You’ll have continuous uncertainty in life and troubles at every stage. Accept that it is the way of life with ongoing motions.

Beautiful, isn’t it? When you struggle against the waves, you won’t come closer to a final spot. But when you let go and drift to the motions, you can stay afloat in the sea. That’s the way of life.

Constant Worries

You’ll never stop worrying if you want reassurance where it doesn’t exist. However, you can make peace with it by accepting the future isn’t set at your pace. You can’t control a future that doesn’t belong to you.

You’re never closer to a certain future, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find meaning in it. The meaning doesn’t have to be at the destination. Anyways, it is here if you look closely for it.

Free will means you can choose the meaning apart from the destination. It is simple as that. You’re the one finding purpose along the way. Nobody can force it along without your choice.

It doesn’t mean free will allows the struggles to end. But it does allow you the choice and will to choose your meaning and perspective. Paths are winding and harsh, but you alone can choose how you take them at each step.

Maybe it isn’t so scary after all. The unknown future is still undecided. You can still choose all the future steps along the way. But own that nobody is forcing anything on your life. You’re ultimately choosing them: meaning and anything at every step.

Nobody stops worries, but you can still choose how you confront them. That’s the power of free will. You can always choose the best route for you.

Peace and Happiness

You can find happiness and stillness everywhere. You are not limited to any accomplishments or satisfying fulfillment. Be grateful for life at every step.

This life is magical if you can think of only the harsh conditions it took to get you here. All the millions upon millions of decisions and millions more twists and turns along the way. Lucky it all seems how close you were to death at one point.

Paradise is not needed. You can always choose a perspective of gratitude on Earth. Live your life as though it has a purpose because it does. Smile as you have never smiled before, and enjoy the pace of life, fast or slow.

You’ll never stop breathing as long as you live. So take each breath with joy and gratitude until the last. You’re here, right now, aren’t you? So on this simple planet of Earth, why not enjoy every second that goes by here on the trip.

You’re happy right now. That’s what matters. But, it does seem strange, life and how crazy it is. And what matters more is that you’re here. So enjoy and savor it. It’s okay as you are.